Writing Coaching

calculator-scientificWhat would happen if you set down to learn how to solve a math problem?

You might seek to understand the theory behind the problem, learn the different steps to solve it, and then through a series of computations determine if you did or didn’t solve it. At the end of this process, you know exactly where you stand (“Yes, now I know how to use the quadratic equation and that makes me the best math student EVER”).

In contrast, learning how to do something as subjective as writing can be far less concrete (“I just wrote a bunch of words, and while I’m pretty sure those words qualify as a sentence, I’m not sure if the sentence is any good”).

This is why you may benefit from having a coach to help you along in developing your writing craft. Whether you aim to write a specific body of work like a book or simply want to learn how to write for the sake of writing, a writing coach can provide you with a variety of different tools to develop your voice, refine your technique, and even overcome the often overwhelming nature of a blank page.

hands-coffee-cup-appleFor however many thousands of writing coaches there are out there, there’s just as many different approaches to the process itself. One coach may provide you with a standard set of exercises to get your creative juices flowing, while another one might customize different devices specific to your nature and writing goals. But the difference between an effective coach and an ineffective one will at least in part be based on how well they understand what your specific goals are and how you will benefit from guidance as an individual.

Whether or not I work with someone in need of coaching services will ultimately be defined by my compatibility with their needs. If you are interested in having a writing coach, contact me and we can discuss your goals, your interests, and the extent to which I may be able to help you in realizing them.

“I met Neil in the early stages of writing my memoir. After our initial conversation, I realized that Neil possessed a passion for storytelling. He thrives on working with writers, helping them to deliver a well-executed story. Neil is synonymous with the art of craft. He demands the highest standard. Since our first meeting two years ago through to a polished manuscript, Neil has provided me invaluable lessons. He taught me everything from basic language skills to helping me develop a keen eye to edit my work. I recommend Neil to all those in need of coaching and editing services. He is honest, thorough, and most important, he cares.” – Paula Woods, writer

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