Write a Book Proposal

You’ve likely heard the daunting statistics about getting a book deal.

Some say that 99% of all proposals get rejected. I say it’s even higher.

With such awful chances of getting published, why should you even try to get a deal yourself? Why wouldn’t it be better just to keep working one-on-one with clients and calling it a day?

While most non-fiction book proposals do get rejected, this happens for a reason. Most people who write non-fiction proposals believe it’s their job to propose a book.

But the truth is, it’s their job to get the audience of the proposal to envision the book.

Sound like an obvious distinction? It’s not. Read any number of those books on writing book proposals that you can get on Amazon, and they all provide the same flaccid conceit: start off your proposal with a short overview of what the project is supposed to be.

This is terrible advice.

pexels-photo copyThe first six-figure advance I ever earned for one of my clients did NOT come from a proposal that started this way. It started in a way that emulated the start of the book itself, which then helped the editor who acquired the book to envision the proposal as a book–as a book worth publishing.

The start of that proposal was even the first thing the editor complimented us on when my client and I first got on the phone with him.

Most people propose books, but very few actually facilitate a vision for them. This is only one of many reasons why most proposals don’t sell, why most people are going to give you poor advice on how to write a book proposal, and why you need my help. Several of my proposals have earned six-figure advances, have earned offers from publishers within a couple of days of being finished, and have helped my clients to attract prominent, successful agents in almost no time at all.

Each proposal, while unique, employs standard devices for ensuring that they not only serve the purpose of the document, but that they do so in a compelling and engaging way. Upon our initial consultation, I will provide you with a proposed process and a projected schedule for completion. Contact me to get started.

cameron“Neil’s skills, abilities, and professionalism have been crucial in helping me to get my message out into the world.  He’s been invaluable for completing a number of different projects over the years. He is also a good human being, which makes the experience of working with him a pleasant breeze.” – Yogi Cameron Alborzian, author of The Guru in You and The One Plan.

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