Book Collaboration

person-woman-desk-laptopThe needs of an author exist on a scale. On one end is an experienced, skilled author who has completed a manuscript. On the other end is an expert in a field completely unrelated to books and without an interest in writing.

Somewhere in the middle is a mixture of the two.

The experienced author has the skills to complete a manuscript, but they will need some help making different decisions in using those skills. They need an editor to give them feedback. The expert without an interest in writing needs to do a transfer of information to someone who can then turn it into a viable book. They need a ghostwriter.

But sometimes, there are authors who may not be entirely developed in their writing skills but still want to take on the brunt of the work. They need skills, and guidance in implementing those skills. They need a coach.

Sometimes, my clients have an interest in simply being guided through the process of structuring their content and perhaps getting a minor polish after drafting it. Contact me to determine how I might be able to help you down the middle road of developing writing skills and using them to create something of value.

woman-typing-writing-windows“I wrote my first book without an editor or writing coach and it was a disaster. My publisher, Hay House, returned the original manuscript and politely told me it had to be completely redone. So I hired Neil and we took my original manuscript and completely transformed it. He was expert at structuring the book and he coached me in creating the content and stories in a way that was so efficient and fun. My publisher was thrilled with the final manuscript. I have since received amazing feedback from readers all over the world who love the book.

I continue to work with Neil on all of my writing including my regular blog at the Huffington Post. My last post got nearly 10,000 likes and shares, something I attribute to the great content that Neil helped me create.

From the very first time I spoke to Neil, I was thrilled at how he grasped the message I wanted to share with the world. He has a very unique ability for taking a message and creating powerful content that grabs attention. He has been priceless in facilitating my success. He is truly talented and expert at what he does.” – Andrea Libutti, MD, author of Awakened by Autism

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