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I’m so happy you decided to go ahead with getting the bundled Silver Bullet and Create Your Talk trainings. This will not only help you to build the foundation of your thought leadership, but help you to create the emotionally compelling context once you’re on that stage.

You can create your login credentials here:¬†https://neilcanhelp.clickfunnels.com/membership-area23362826/d74fd0dc6d0. It’s best to access this site through Google Chrome, as opposed to another browser like Internet Explorer. Please write¬†support@neilcanhelp.com if you encounter any difficulties. We’re a super small operation, so please be patient as we get back to you; we are currently limited in our availability on Thursdays and Sundays.

That should do it. Thank you again for endeavoring to be the thought leader that you’re meant to become.



PHASE 1: I have you go through the Silver Bullet training and provide me with a worksheet that will supplement our discovery conversation
PHASE 2: We spend a couple of hours on the phone identifying your silver bullet and flesh out some client and personal stories.
PHASE 3: I spend 30-60 minutes putting together an outline of 20-25 bullet points creating a flow for your talk
PHASE 4: We discuss your response to the outline and refine/revise it as needed
PHASE 5: You flesh out the outline with either a script or bullet points, I review and provide feedback, and you revise as is appropriate
PHASE 6: We decide if you will benefit from slides, and if so, you create your deck and I provide feedback on the execution of them
PHASE 7: We spend 2 or 3 sessions on your delivery of the presentation over Zoom, depending on your need
PHASE 8: We have a post-mortem on your event in February a week or two later to discuss ways to further refine it
The cost is $5,000, all paid in full up front.
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