I recently took on a client who wasn’t attracting anyone with her blog articles.

And yet, after we worked together, her articles got likes and shares numbering in the thousands.

One article I helped her to write even got over 10,000 shares and likes.

The question is, how? How could she go from having no one read her stuff to having tens of thousands of people reading her stuff?

But most importantly, how can you get these kinds of results for yourself?

Before we worked together, my client struggled like many thought leaders did: She had the ability to work with any given client in the moment, and help them to overcome whatever obstacles they faced. But when it came time to disseminate her knowledge to a wider audience in a one-sided way, she didn’t do it in a way that got people to even notice it – let alone share it with others.

What is the challenge here? Why is it so hard to get people to follow you before you have the social proof of existing followers?

bookproposalThe mistake that my client made with her content was what almost everyone does as well…

They believe it is their job to provide their readers with as much information as possible.

They provide lengthy explanations of their solutions. They list all sorts of tips and tricks. They spend all sorts of energy on what the reader must do.

That sounds like a good fit for a blog article, right? Don’t people read articles because they want information?

Actually, no. They don’t. People do not read articles because they want information. In and of itself, information is useless unless you want to impress people with knowledge at cocktail parties.

People read an article because they believe it will help them to solve a problem.

Consider this article. Are you reading this because you want to get information from me? Or are you reading because you’re curious how I helped my client to get 10,000 likes and shares and want to see how you can get the same results for yourself? You are reading this because you have a problem: you aren’t getting enough followers through your blog.

The title of this article refers to a mistake that you and almost everyone else makes with their blog content. And that mistake, quite simply, is that you frame your content entirely through the solutions you provide without first setting up the problem to be solved.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7aWhen I helped my client to put together content that was so amazing that 10,000 people liked and shared it, I insisted that she frame her articles through the lens of the problem her information solved. This meant that, before providing any sort of tips, tricks, or anything else, she first established that the reader had an issue that was causing them some sort of anguish and somehow promised them that a solution was forthcoming.

Why is this so important? Notice what I wrote in that last sentence of the previous paragraph: “the reader had an issue that was causing them some sort of anguish.” Anguish. When a reader has a problem, they are in some sort of pain. And it is the existence of that pain that motivates them to do anything – especially read and share blog articles. Your ability to attract people through your blog is entirely based on the possibility that it will help your reader find their way out of pain.

And they will believe this possibility to be real when they know you understand their problem in the first place.

If you want to attract people to your blog, frame your articles not through your solutions but through their problems. Then they will experience the emotions that will motivate them to do everything else – like become a follower.

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