How to Be an Influencer

As a speaker, author, entrepreneur, or nonprofit leader, you likely want to know how to be an influencer and enjoy the benefits of having an impactful message.

If you’re a speaker, maybe you’d like to attract higher paying gigs or sell more from the stage. If you’re an author, perhaps you’re struggling to get a book deal or build your platform effectively. If you’re an entrepreneur you might want to attract more investor support or early adopters of your products, and if you’re a nonprofit leader, you’re likely to want to be more effective at attracting donors and other types of supporters.

Or maybe you play a combination of these roles. But regardless of your particular goals, one thing remains clear.

You’re only as effective as your ideas stick in people’s minds.

Many people seek to be impactful with their message, but few truly know how to get floods of requests in response to their content. What most try to do is fill their content with all sorts of information. They might base their speech on what they think is the most informative speech topic, or fill it with five or seven steps their audience should take and spell those steps out with a clever acronym.

They might jam-pack their book with a lot of valuable information as well, and think that because of the sheer volume of content they’ve shared that they’re building value.

And they may believe that to attract support of their company or nonprofit organization they must share their product descriptions or their mission statement.

But these are all flawed ways of going about this work. These approaches are far less likely to stick.

And then they haven’t been of much influence at all.

The speakers, authors, and other leaders with whom I work get very different results. Highlights of the outcomes I’ve helped my clients to get include:

  • Getting a book deal with their dream imprint at Penguin Random House
  • Getting eight speaking gigs from a single booking after making a simple tweak to their content
  • Converting 60-70% of their audience to discovery calls after they’ve taken her workshops
  • Fostering a sudden surge in nonprofit partnerships after making a simple tweak to their messaging
  • And many more opportunities as well

These results likely seem too good to be true. In fact, my clients often get such over-the-top outcomes that I tend to be incredulous when I hear about them myself. But the good news is that there is an absolutely predictable, actionable way that these results happen.

There is a key ingredient that makes all of this possible.

The reason why people buy at the end of a speaking gig, or tell ten friends about a book they’ve read, or decide to donate to a cause is not because they’ve gotten a lot of good information. It’s because they have heard something that convinces them that change is possible.

And the most essential ingredient for convincing others of this change is something seen in 46 of the 50 most popular TED talks and the bestselling non-fiction books as well.

It’s a silver bullet: the influencer’s secret sauce that sets them apart from everyone else seeking to have an impact.

I’m not going to be modest about the power of the silver bullet because my client’s results aren’t modest. The most important training you can take as you learn how to be an influencer can be found here.

It’s free. And I encourage you to watch it so that you may get these kinds of results for yourself.

Your audience is waiting for it.

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