What people are saying about working with Neil

Some Rockstar Clients

“The feedback I’m getting has gone from, ‘Oh, Patty, that was really great thank you,’ to people clutching their hearts and saying, ‘Patty you moved me.’ And I’m talking about executing business strategy…”

Patty Azzarello
Author of MOVE and RISE

This was the first standing ovation I ever received and I closed nearly
six figures of business off the back of that one talk…and a lot of that I attribute to Neil’s expertise.”

Ashley Crouch
Appleseed Communications 

“After speaking with Neil, it was simple enough to work in some of the changes he suggested and to do exactly what he told me to do. After doing that, I booked eight speaking engagements from one booking.”

Professional Speaker 

“The event coordinator reached out to me after the webinar and told me that it was one of the highest ranked presentations in the entire event.”

Charles Gaudet

I am a number one Amazon best-selling author…and I could not have put this book together without (Neil’s) program.”

Amanda Hainline

“With his Silver Bullet training, as Neil calls it…my signature talk is such a success that about 60 – 70% of my audience schedules consultation calls with me after my speech is finished.”

Real Estate Investment Guru

“In two short months after working with Neil, there I was, live on stage, delivering my keynote speech ‘Fearless Decision Making’ and it was a huge hit and a great success.”

Professional Speaker
Corporate Leadership


“After having written several international bestsellers, being published in 29 languages, and speaking in over 40 countries and on all seven continents, I was stuck. I had a general idea of a new book and speaking topic, but my words weren’t coming together in a coherent way. It was a perfect time for me to be introduced to Neil by my agent.

Not only did I get unstuck, but after working with Neil I got a book deal with my dream imprint at Penguin Random House and was able to deliver my manuscript to the publisher on schedule. To achieve this, Neil and I worked together for nearly a year, honing ideas while creating the new book and speaking platform. Neil quite literally read every word of multiple drafts of my new book and also helped me with the associated speech. His advice and counsel, delivered with wisdom and humor, were invaluable to me. Thank you Neil for what you do.”


Bestselling Author & Marketing Strategist

“I worked with Neil over several months to up my game on crafting and delivering keynote addresses and have nothing but glowing appreciation for this incredibly talented and generous human being.

Neil REALLY LISTENED to me and what it was I was trying to communicate with the world, and he helped me distill thoughts that have been a swirly jumble in my head for years into something succinct and powerful. He rolled up his sleeves and truly partnered with me in crafting my keynote. He even read through my book manuscript and had great feedback for me that my publishing team incorporated.

I learned so much working with Neil, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This man is truly in his genius helping people refine what they want to communicate and how to best get the message across. Cannot recommend him highly enough!”


Principal/Owner at The Billions Institute

“Looking back, I genuinely wish I had connected with Neil much sooner.

“Before retaining Neil, my company was gaining slow traction, but at a pace that felt very disproportionate to the clear needs of the time. My professorial, technical explanations just failed to fully resonate with listeners, and I struggled to find concise messaging that was accessible to everyone.

“Neil was supremely skilled in helping me to dig down and unearth that Silver Bullet he often talks about, and in doing so changed the pace and trajectory of everything. My speaking engagements – and fees – have tripled, and my company’s services are actively sought by organizations and institutions that were previously dismissive.

My retainer with Neil has an ROI of 10x in my most recent quarter alone.

“And ALL that pales in comparison to the ways our work together has impacted my confidence. While it might be tempting to attribute this to increased opportunities and revenue, the two outcomes are not at all related. Through our work, I’ve gained and honed the skills I needed to show others their starting point – quickly and effectively, every time – and that has made all the difference.”



Speaker and Trauma Mitigation Specialist

“Neil’s Silver Bullet technique isn’t only about nailing your speech.  It’s also about nailing your sales pitch. I’ve used his technique to land multiple five-figure deals. It helps me to convey my message, the philosophy behind my business, and what sets me apart from my competition with clarity and confidence.”


Executive Coach, Merging Path Coaching

“When I signed up with Neil it was to polish a speech but it ended up being much more. This “Silver Bullet” allowed me to be very clear in my message to all those I spoke with. Meetings, interviews, and chance interactions were enriched to the point that when I shared my silver bullet with a magnate worth $200 million, he invited me to visit him in India.

“Because I had a surgery scheduled, he flew out to visit me for two hours in the hospital. Seriously, this magic made me more money, made me more well-known, produced a book, and enabled me to focus on doing what I do best.”


Speaker, Author

“Neil’s skills, abilities, and professionalism have been crucial in helping me to get my message out into the world.  He’s been invaluable for completing a number of different projects over the years. He is also a good human being, which makes the experience of working with him a pleasant breeze.”

Yogi Cameron Alborzian

Author of The Guru in You and The One Plan

“Working with Neil was, hands down, the best business and personal decision I made while writing my book. Neil’s ability to support creativity, hold a timeline, and facilitate critical thinking kept me on track, productive, and sane! I look forward to working with Neil again on future projects.”

Matthew Walker

Author of Adventure in Everything

“I wrote my first book without an editor or writing coach and it was a disaster. My publisher, Hay House returned the original manuscript and politely told me it had to be completely redone. So I hired Neil and we took my original manuscript and completely transformed it. He was expert at structuring the book and he coached me in creating the content and stories in a way that was so efficient and fun. My publisher was thrilled with the final manuscript. I have since received amazing feedback from readers all over the world who love the book.

I continue to work with Neil on all of my writing including my regular blog at the Huffington Post. My last post got nearly 10,000 likes and shares, something I attribute to the great content that Neil helped me create.

From the very first time I spoke to Neil, I was thrilled at how he grasped the message I wanted to share with the world. He has a very unique ability for taking a message and creating powerful content that grabs attention. He has been priceless in facilitating my success. He is truly talented and expert at what he does.”

Andrea Libutti, MD

Author of Awakened by Autism

“I’ve been a public speaker for many years, but took a chance with Neil after watching his webinar on how to give a talk. I immediately signed up for a call with him and we instantly connected.

“To date, we have scheduled 13 hours of time together and have produced six speeches – one of which was a TEDx Talk – and a book outline.

“With some simple direction and Neil’s expertise, I have booked a number of speaking gigs, doubling my price.

“However, it is the less tangible metrics that prompted me to write a testimonial for Neil. My confidence as a speaker has skyrocketed. I have no doubt that when I walk out to begin a talk that my audience will be instantly hooked and will remain so for the duration of the talk. Neil has helped me take a very personal and difficult topic from hard to consume to easily digestible and relatable.

“Working with Neil has changed my life.”


Professional Speaker and Author

“I like to think I’m a fairly successful motivational speaker as I’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years with paid gigs across the world. Neil’s “silver bullet” program helped me define what my core message truly is and altered the place I had it in my speeches as well as how succinctly I said it. The best possible testimonial for Neil is that those words – that “silver bullet” – is what audiences frequently write down after I’ve spoken. I can’t imagine a higher testament to message than when they choose the one you hoped they would. Neil’s a wiz, hopefully you’re not my competition reading this.”


Professional Speaker and Retail Expert

I recently gave my first talk since getting Neil’s Silver Bullet course super last minute and only going through the material once. Even though I was initially terrified because of how differently this talk was structured compared to prior speaking engagements of mine, I noticed I felt so much more alive and comfortable on stage which better equipped me to inspire others and show them what’s possible in their own businesses. I got way more questions during the Q&A than I ever had before and people approached me and complimented me postspeech. Thank you!


Founder & CEO, Marigold & Grey

“Neil’s Silver Bullet training is an absolute must to maximize the impact of your message. I’ve worked with Neil on multiple presentations and my level of audience engagement and reviews after my speech have never been better.”


Speaker and In-Game Host of the Pittsburgh Pirates

“I signed up for Neil’s Silver Bullet training as I was preparing a TEDx talk and an inspirational speech. I knew what I wanted to say but I was struggling on how I could elevate my speeches and capture the audiences from the first word. It was work going through the modules but completely worth the effort. Besides the absolutely fantastic Silver Bullet concept, the other super helpful bit was the idea about not wasting the first 30 seconds thanking people but starting with an attention-grabbing hook. As a result, both my speeches now instantly engage my audiences from the first word.”


Marketing Executive & Non-Profit Leader

“While I originally commissioned Neil to assist in reworking the outline of a book I was writing, it quickly became clear that we were destined to meet for the countless other projects I had looming in the wings. As an innovative entrepreneur, our collaboration has extended into core belief messaging, website content, logo and tagline feedback, internet marketing ad content, advertising headline writing and testing and more. Our greatest project to date may be guiding me through the development of a home-run national keynote presentation that delivered results and brought in additional speaking opportunities. Neil has been a gift in my life and business. I’m grateful to have found him, and I look forward to years of partnership. Oh, and one of these days we’ll get back to that book outline.”


Professional Speaker & Entrepreneur


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