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Ever wonder why some TED talks are more compelling than others, or why you can breeze through some how-to books in a couple of days? Given people's short attention spans, it can be difficult to be heard--no matter how important your message may be. But what if there were five simple devices that you could use to tap into some aspect of your own voice and ensure that what's important to you becomes important to your audience? What if the people you communicated with were as engaged as the folks hearing the most popular speeches of all time?

5 Voices They Will Hear is a lighthearted workshop taught by writer/editor/performer Neil G. Gordon and will teach you five simple devices for ensuring that your prepared communications are as absorbing as the most popular thoughts ever shared. It will teach you how to draw people in, establish a wavelength, and empower them with the best information you have to offer.

Whether you have a class to teach, a meeting to run, a presentation to make, a speech to give, or even an article or letter to write, this workshop will teach you and your team creative ways to ensure that the people you communicate with not only receive valuable information, but that they use that information in a meaningful and productive way.

You will learn five devices that ensure your students absorb material, your employees increase productivity, your investors get on board, and your online readers share content at a far higher rate. You will learn how these devices can be used in a variety of situations, how to adapt them to different formats, and how to apply them to your specific needs.
You and your team have voices that must be heard, and this workshop will help you to ensure that they are. Contact Neil to learn how
Neil G. Gordon is a former member of the editorial staff of Dutton, a division of Penguin Group (USA). While there, he worked with numerous New York Times bestselling authors of both fiction and non-fiction works. He has applied the various concepts and tools taught in "5 Voices" to a number of books that he has ghostwritten for major publishers including HarperCollins and Hay House, and has ghostwritten content for publications such as The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Health, The Daily Love, Beliefnet, Peaceful Daily, Class of Its Own, ShareCare, and Veria Living. He has also performed for live storytelling events such as The Moth Story SLAM in Los Angeles and The Soundtrack Series in New York City.